Sleep Solutions

San Tan Sleep Solutions

Recognizing the burden of unrecognized sleep disorders and the impact it has on our patients’ health, San Tan Cardiovascular system owns and operates a sleep lab for diagnoses and treatment of sleep related disorders. We opened our sleep lab in 2012 and have, since then, helped numerous patients get treatment for various sleep related disorders.

San Tan Sleep solutions has a board certified sleep specialist who works closely with the facility to interpret various studies and help manage patient who have sleep related disorders.  We have a full time registered sleep technologist who works with patients during the scheduled sleep study times and in the clinic.

We diagnose and treat these various sleep related conditions:

At San Tan Sleep Solutions we use state-of-the-art sleep Somnomedics®  polysomnography (sleep) equipment. The SOMNOscreen Plus has a built-in data transmitter that allows the equipment to work wirelessly, permitting our patients to move around freely.  We are one of the few sleep labs in the country that provide wireless sleep equipment which provides increased mobility to our patients.

Our machine also has the capability of measuring the patient’s blood pressure without having a cuff tied around the arm with annoying inflations during the night. This provides undisturbed sleep for the patient.

The system utilizes a new patented algorithm that measures blood pressure via the Pulse Transmit Time (PTT). This gives our providers the ability to correlate blood pressure with sleep related events. This is particularly important in patients with cardiovascular diseases, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and cerebrovascular disease.